From our January 8, 2021 TechTogether:
Life After Norton...
...Now What?

From our September 30, 2020 Tech Tips Article:

Below are the links to the publications mentioned in the  article. There is also a link to a table showing the minimum requirements for Zoom on different devices.  


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From our May 8, 2018 TechTogether: REV UP YOUR PC
These links cover the various tools Bill Hammond discussed
From our January 8, 2019 TechTogether: ALL ABOUT IPHONE / IPAD APPS
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From our TechTogether of May 31, 2017: OFF THE BEATEN WEBSITE
Cool websites you may not know about!
From our August 8, 2019 TechTogether: ROSSMOOR NEWS ONLINE
The Rossmoor News gave a comprehensive demonstration about using the paper's new electronic interface. Click the button to see full presentation.
From our November 12, 2019 TechTogether: WINDOWS 10  
Tips and tricks for upgrading to Win 10 from Win 7 or 8
From our January 20, 2020 TechTogether: USING TECH IN EMERGENCIES
This link includes the entire presentation.
From our March 4, 2020 TechTogether: STREAMING MEDIA
This link includes the entire presentation.
From our April 22, 2020 
Tech Tips Article: 
From our July 23, 2020 TechTogether: WINDOWS 10 PRIVACY
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From our October 30, 2020 TechTogether:

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John Muir Health

Kaiser Permanente
From our December 4, 2020 TechTogether:
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From our April 27, 2021 TechTogether  / Town Hall
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From our June 11, 2021
Do More with Your Connected Home Devices
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Note: Tech Tips #40 is the final article published in the series. 
From our September 22, 2022 TechTogether: Backup Your Computer
From our February 23, 2023 TechTogether: Watch Xfinity TV on your Devices
From our June 22, 2023 
Emergency Alerts Fair
(with Rossmoor EPO)