(available to Members & Non-Members except as noted)

  • Public access computers available to any resident, family member or friend. Depending on demand, use may be limited to 15 minutes. 
  • Answers to general computing questions.
  • Troubleshooting problems with your own laptop, smart-phone or tablet. Bring your portable device and we will help!
  • House Call scheduling: Arrange a free house call for assistance with desktop computers, printing, or internet connectivity (available only to Computer Club members within Rossmoor).
  • Copy services (charge is 10 cents/printed page).
  • Print documents from the Center's computer or your own flash drive (charge is 10 cents / printed page).
  • Faxing services (no charge for fax; 10 cents for confirmation page).
  • Scanning services (no charge).
  • Membership Processing: Sign up / renew, pay dues.
  • Special Events Registration: Submit forms and fees.
  • Class and Seminar Registration: Volunteers will provide information about upcoming classes and seminars and assist you in registering for the ones you choose. Flyers about classes and seminars are available at the Center. 
  • Internet Searches: A volunteer will conduct an internet search for those wanting assistance.
  • Email Assistance: For those without their own email account, the Center will send an email on that person's behalf, and contact the Sender should a reply be received.

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Special Assistance Sessions

  • Monday: 
        Android Phones & Tablets, Windows 10 (10am-noon)              
  • Tuesday:  Windows PCs (10am - noon)

  •  Wednesday: Apple and iMac (9am - 11am) 

  •  Thursday: Windows 10 (10am-noon)

  •  Friday: Apple, iMac, Apple Watch  (1:30-3:30)*

due to volunteer availability, may not be held certain Fridays.


Walnut Creek, California
Computer Club of Rossmoor
staffs and operates the 
Computer Center in the Gateway Clubhouse