Walnut Creek, California
Flash Classes may be held via Zoom or in person. See class listing for details.

The idea behind the Flash Classes is that they are over in a Flash. The classes focus on a single, narrowly-defined topic and will generally last 45-60 minutes plus some practice time. Please check back frequently as new classes will be offered on a regular, ongoing basis. 

  •  Classes are now being held either via Zoom or in the Computer Center. See class     listing for details.
  •  Classes are available ONLY to members of the Computer Club of Rossmoor.
  •  Classes are free of charge to current members.
  •  Depending on the topic covered, class size is generally limited to 10 -15 students   for classes held via Zoom. For classes held in the Computer Center, class size is   limited to 10.
  •  If your desired class is full, add your name to the Wait List. Those on the Wait List are often able to attend due to cancellations. Classes with long Wait Lists generally will be repeated the following month,

Just follow these easy steps to enroll: 

  • Click the link shown above in the class description (or click the blue Enroll button)
  • On the log-in page, enter your email address and this password: flashclass (if you have set your own, unique password, enter that instead).
  • Click "Register." After clicking "Next" a couple of times, you will then see the "Confirm" button. Click it and you're done!

Once you're registered for the class, you will receive a confirmation and Zoom link, as well as reminders when the date nears. And, if the class is full, you will be offered an option to add your name to the Wait List.                         

Apple CarPlay
Friday, August 12, 10:00 AM Via Zoom
Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. You can get directions, make calls, and send and receive messages.
PLATFORM: iPhone LEVEL: Beginner
Click to Enroll: Apple Car Play

Managing Files and Folders with Windows 10 File Explorer
Monday, August 15, 1:30 PM Via Zoom  
File Explorer is designed to provide a simple user interface to navigate, access, and help you organize your files, folders, and apps stored on your computer and external drives.
PLATFORM: Windows LEVEL: Beginner
Click to Enroll: Managing Files and Folders

Transfer Photos to Windows 10 from Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Cameras 
Monday, August 22, 1:30 PM Via Zoom
Learn how to transfer photos from smartphones or tablets (Android or Apple) or digital cameras to Windows 10 where they can be edited and organized.
PLATFORM: Windows LEVEL: Intermediate
Click to Enroll: Transfer Photos

Computing Fundamentals: Mac Internet Browser: Safari
Tuesday, August 23, 3:30 PM in the Computer Center
Learn how to use and customize Safari, which is preinstalled on all macOS and iOS devices. We will cover configuration, bookmarks, tabs, and much more.
PLATFORM: Mac LEVEL: Beginner (Fundamentals)
Click to Enroll: Mac Internet Browser

Computing Fundamentals: Windows Internet Browser: Edge  
Wednesday, August 31, 3:30 PM in the Computer Center  
Learn how to use and customize Edge, which is preinstalled on all Windows devices. We will cover configuration, bookmarks, tabs, and much more.
PLATFORM: Windows LEVEL: Beginner (Fundamentals)
Click to Enroll: Windows Internet Browser

* Unless otherwise noted, MS Word and MS Excel classes are taught using the Windows versions of these programs. Mac users are welcome to take these classes, but some features of the Mac versions may differ.