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On this page you will find links to websites, apps and resources we've discussed in previous TechTogethers and other events. And we have now added links to our Tech Tips columns in the Rossmoor News!
Links to the downloadable tools that Bill discussed in the May 8, 2018 TechTogether: Rev Up Your PC
And here's a helpful document explaining Windows services: how to manage them to boost your PC's performance.
All About iPhone / iPad Apps
Click the red button to view and/or download the handout from the January 8, 2019 TechTogether 

                                                                                         PAGE   ISSUE
Your Smartphone is a Digital Swiss Army Knife                 29A    12/19
Using Two-Factor Authentication for Extra Security           32A       1/2
Install Norton Security Online for Free                                7B       1/16
Add Emergency Contact Info to Your Smartphone             27A      1/30
Shop Safely Online and Use Virtual Credit Cards               7B       2/13
Closing Unresponsive Program and Unwanted Pop Ups    5A       2/27
Configuring & Using Accessibility Options & Shortcuts      12A      3/20
Emergency Preparedness Mobile Apps                             18A      4/24
Phone Settings to Consider for International Travel           10A      5/22
Cloud Storage Options                                                        14A     6/12
Using YouTube for More than Just Entertainment               21A     7/17
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Listing of Tech Tips Articles 

The Tech Tips column was published every two weeks from 12/19/18 until 2/27/19. Starting March 2019, it was published monthly. 

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From our TechTogether of May 31, 2017
From our 
TechTogether of June 26, 2017
From our August 8, 2019 TechTogether: 
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