Walnut Creek, California

The membership in 2001 totaled 1,284 manors.  Two classrooms in constant use featuring seminars, hands-on classes, lecture and workshop classes for both PC and MAC  users.

2001 class schedule included 16 PC and MAC classes, 4 seminars, plus the workshops.

Al Halpern believed that seniors have a different retention and absorption rate than younger students, and some have physical limitations.  Step-by-step teaching is most effective.  The Board is vigilant about editing out any instructions that might be superfluous and potentially confusing. Senior citizens, some in their 90's, are now able to plug in and boot up, which has provided some Rossmoor residents a way to escape the isolation and loneliness of old age, maintain their independence, and stay in touch with family and friends.

President Len Krauss and Chairman of the Board, Al Halpern were continually improving and expanding this Computer Club to provide the best programs available for its members.

The Club introduced a FREE  "Mouse Class" to teach novices how to use the mouse.  The class ended with the novices playing Solitaire to keep their interest and to add to their skill of using the mouse. This  prepared them for the beginner classes and gave them one less thing to worry about in their new venture with computers.

Our teachers were instructed to move the curriculum ahead slowly, and not to cover more than the students could absorb in each session.

Al Halpern designed and developed a simplified picture book of  basic instructions for beginners, which clearly shows how to perform various tasks.

Thanks to the joint effort of the Acalanes Adult Education Center and the Computer Club,  most classes are "hands-on" with a computer for each student, due to the addition of 20 new computers.

Susan Lane joined the teaching staff.  The fall class schedule included 22 PC and MAC classes.  8 classes were for beginners. The classes were PC for Beginners, Windows, Word, Word 1, Word 2 for PC.  Also the Internet and E-mail for PC and MAC, Graphics for PC and MAC, and Appleworks/Claris for MAC.

August - Barbecue, catered by Fritz, chaired by Len Krauss and Julie Macksey
October -Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. - The Computer Club hosted its first Volunteer Luncheon in recognition of 100 active, dedicated volunteers. This event was chaired by Marjorie Lang and Chuck Howard.
December - Holiday Dinner and Show -catered by Sunrise Catering

Recycled Computers and Parts
Due to space limitations and manpower, the Computer Club stopped accepting discarded computers and computer parts.  Hamilton Chisholm volunteered to haul the discarded computers to a Berkeley organization for recycling.  Parts were salvaged and some were upgraded and given to students who could not afford computers. 

When the Club stopped collecting used equipment, Hamilton continued to pick up old computers for the residents.  In a short time his van would be filled with, printers, computers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, scanners, and even a fax machine.  He would load the van and then drive his cargo to Berkeley to unload his van and make room for more pickups.  This became a full time job just here in Rossmoor.

In September of this year, Muriel Wyro took over the Secretarial duties from Mary Berger.  Mary continues to volunteer at the Computer Center and is on the mailing committee. Jim Drummond and Dee Gifford resigned from the Board.  They wanted to help start their own computer club for the MacIntosh users.